The Thompson Headwaters Services Committee, through a Manager, shall oversee the day-to-day operations of the services hereinafter noted, that are provided to the residents of Electoral Area "B" (Thompson Headwaters):
  • Cemeteries;
  • Community Halls;
  • Community Parks;
  • Recreation;
  • Economic Development and Tourism; and
  • Grants-in-Aids provided to numerous non-profit societies.

The mandate of the Committee, through a Manager, for the services listed above, includes but is not limited to:

  • Supervising the maintenance and operation of the hereinbefore identified services; and
  • Recommending to the Board of Directors the letting of such contracts as may be necessary for the operation, maintenance and improvement of said services.

In addition, the Committee will act as a community liaison between the Regional District and the Blue River Community Water System users. The Committee may also recommend to the Board of Directors the establishment and provision of such other services as the Committee deems desirable for the benefit of residents of Electoral Area "B" (Thompson Headwaters).

The Committee is established under the Thompson Headwaters Services Committee Bylaw 2377, 2012 and consists of 4 appointed representatives of the Blue River area, 3 appointed representatives of the Avola area, with the Electoral Area "B" Director as Chair of the Committee and their Alternate-Director serving as Vice-Chair.

For further information on the Services Committee, or information on the services they manage, please contact the TNRD Services Coordinator, Sherri Madden, at 250-674-3530 or .


Services Committee Meeting Documents